Continental Breakfast                                                                     

Fresh seasonal fruit or orange juice. Fresh baked muffins.  Coffee & water.


French Breakfast                                                                            


Seasonal fruit, assorted muffins, a choice of individual quiches (Loraine, florentine, poblano, & corn) Coffee & Water.


American Breakfast                                                                         


Fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt, granola, muffins. Sausage, cheese, and egg small croissant. Coffee & water.


Texas Breakfast                                                                              

Fresh muffins, scrambled eggs, applewood bacon, sausage patties, salsa, homemade biscuits, butter, jelly. 

Coffee, orange juice & water. 

Includes: Acrylic plates and plastic ware. Paper Napkins.


(20 guests or more)



  • Chips & Salsa                                

  • Chips & Guacamole                        

  • Queso & Chips                              

  • Artichoke & Parmesan Cheese     




























Mozarella-tomato-basil, roasted 

Poblano-Goat Cheese,

Smoked Salmon-Cream cheese 

Artichoke Caponata



Disposable Plates Included.



CHEESE TRAY           


  • Shrimp wrapped in Bacon      

  • Filled phylo tart

  • Jalapeño, cream cheese and bacon  

  • Chicken K’bob 

  • Beef k’bob  

  • Shrimp K'bob                            

  • Drunken Meatballs                    

  • U peel Shrimp                            

  • Peeled Shrimp  







15 people or more 



(Choose one)

  • Quiche Florentine with a side of fruit over romaine

          lettuce, and a berry vinaigrette.

  • Chicken Pot pie with a side of fruit over romaine

          lettuce, and a berry vinaigrette

  • King ranch Casserole with a side of southwest salad

          with a lemon vinaigrette

  • Trio Salad; Spring mix and Romaine, with a scoop of

          chicken salad, tuna salad & pasta salad

  • Chicken cordon bleu, creamy cheese sauce, with

          mashed potato and sautéed green beans

  • Beef lasagna, with a side of Caesar salad

  • Fried Chicken with mashed potato, corn and gravy.



(Choose One)

  • Brownie a la mode

  • Rice pudding

  • Key lime mouse

  • Strawberry shortcake

  • Chocolate fudge cake

  • Pistachio cake

*Include Iced Tea / Iced Water






Grilled beef & chicken fajitas
refried beans
Spanish rice

Trimmings: shredded lettuce, tomato,

jalapeños, sour cream, onions, salsa
Flour tortillas

pico de gallo with avocado
Chips & queso






House salad with your choice of dressing

Fettuccine with meatballs and marinara sauce

Bowtie pasta with Alfredo sauce and grilled chicken strips

vegetable medley

Artisan bread








Caesar Salad

Pasta with chicken Marsala


pasta with sautéed shrimp.


chicken cordon bleu with creamy cheese sauce


Brisket with a reduced wine sauce.
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Steamed Vegetables Medley
Artisan Bread




Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad
Pasta Salad
Fresh Garden Salad with two kinds of dressings
Homemade crostinis & assorted crackers

*Include Iced Tea / Iced Water




Chicken or tuna salad croissant

or Ham & Swiss cheese 

with a side of green salad or potato salad or chips


Fresh bed of greens with a scoop

of chicken salad, tuna salad & pasta
salad with Champagne vinaigrette and crostinis










 (Choose One)


• Lorraine Bacon & cheese

• Florentine Spinach & cheese

• Eggplant Tri-color bell peppers & pine nuts

• Poblano-Corn A unique & original recipe

• Tomato basil-Goat cheese

• California Artichoke, and Italian zucchini

with assorted cheeses


Side: Fresh seasonal fruit over a bed of greens

and a berry vinaigrette













(Choose one)


• King Ranch Casserole with a side of southwest salad and a lime vinaigrette

• Chicken Pot Pie a classic of comfort food with a side of fresh seasonal fruit over a bed of greens and berry vinaigrette


Listed prices: per person, subject to 8.25% tax, 10% Catering fee for The Art Center, and 20% service charge​.